Automate Manufacturing Leads with Zapier

An excellent way to help nurture your manufacturing leads for your business is with automation. Customer Relation Management(CRM) Lead Management, Zapier is a great tool to assist in gathering and processing data.

To be clear, I have no affiliation with Zapier, and I just enjoy the service. Many manufacturers still operate with magazine ads and trade shows. While this can be successful, there are several issues and limitations you may encounter if you use the above methods to draw new business.

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The challenge with this is that you would have no way to verify that all of your collected data that you have collected is as up-to-date as possible and 100% accurate? As a result, you could end up with either incomplete or inaccurate customer data, which means you could potentially waste company time and resources following up on false leads. You would only be able to utilize your existing customer database, thus making you unable to reach out to potential new clients.

Why use a CRM

For manufacturers, a CRM tool helps with managing all the possible customers for your business. If your business is picking up the phone and manually keeping track of your leads this causes an issue when you have more than you can handle. With a CRM, you’ll be able to quickly add customer information into a system while your sales team is on the phone. A system like this allows you or other people manage or follow up with your leads.

Ways to automate manufacturing leads

One of the main advantages of automation marketing software is that it can streamline all transactions and marketing endeavors in a manner that is both professional and highly efficient. You will be able to go above and beyond the standard process of data collection with automated lead generation. You will be able to use the critical information provided to significantly widen the scope of your research, as well as substantially cutting back on the amount of time you typically spend seeking out new leads. Some of the benefits of automated lead management are as follows:

  • Offers a viable solution for small business to expand their scope
  • Significantly increases overall productivity, so employers have time to focus on other tasks.
  • Offers insights on how to outreach potential prospects
  • Vastly reduces the amount of time searching for new leads in manufacturing
  • Provides a centralized tracking system for new businesses to stay organized
  • Continuously produces consistent and precise results

Of course, you can benefit from the use of CRM software, but there are quite a few limitations. However, Customer Relationship Software (CRM) does make it possible for you to be able to manage and maintain your entire customer database in one place. Additionally CRM software streamlines and automates business processes which enable you to stay in contact with clients as well as send out automatic reminders regarding inventory and the like. Potentially, however, as your business grows you will need more in-depth software to keep track of all of your business details, as well as your extensive customer database.

Fortunately, CRM software is available in a wide variety of formats that offer a vast range of various functions and capabilities. The system you choose should best fit your business needs. The first thing you should consider when opting to automated your business lead generation is how the first order of the day will impact your company’s productivity and needs.

Once you have determined which CRM software best suits your team, you need to put it directly to good use. Depending on which system you have chosen, you should either be able to sync your email directly from your provider to directly import your contact details and conversations or automatically import your leads from an existing spreadsheet.

However, going forward, you don’t want to continue using your CRM to continually manually import data and contact information from your existing apps. You want to find a more efficient means to do so and Zapier be extremely beneficial in this capacity.

What is Zapier? How does it work with CRM?

To put it simply, Zapier is a web-based automation platform which enables you to easily and quickly connect with other web apps thus making it easier to automate some of your more tedious tasks. It can link your existing apps to your CRM, which saves you the time-consuming process of having to copy everything manually.

Services like these are a plus for non-developers as they now have the ability to interconnect their web series which will then save them lots of time and boost their productivity levels.
Zapier functions by notifying the user via a set of “Triggers” and “Actions.”

Triggers, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Creation of a new subscription
  • Cancellation of an existing subscription
  • Proper receipt of payment
  • Errors in payment processing: sends a trigger and prevents the payment from being processed.

Actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Adding all contacts to the database
  • Creates a profile and subscription for new customers
  • Deletes customer details and cancels customer subscriptions from the database as needed

Investing in an app such as Zapier will save you lots of time and money. Zapier will take care of such tedious and repetitive tasks for you. Another advantage is that it leaves you with a lot of time to focus on more important business matters. Zapier helps increase sales and productivity by automating tedious tasks mentioned above.

Author: Eric Raio

Eric Raio is one of the founders of Factory Solutions. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome software. He likes to geek out about flying drones and technology.

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